wondering if leadership academy is

Right for you?

Do you...

Desire to develop competencies that will help you to be successful in business and life?​

Want to grow in your problem solving abilities, communication skills, and ability to add value to an organization? ​

Understand that the arc of your career will likely not be linear and see the importance of learning as much as you can early on?

Believe that the most important thing you can do at the beginning of your career is to develop skill sets that you will utilize in your vocation? ​

Care about developing deep relationships with people that will help you progress and figure out what you're good at and not good at?


The Right Person?


  • You must have a proven track record in both academics (e.g. high GPA and difficult major) and leadership (e.g. athletics, student government, Greek life, military, etc.).
  • You must have proven ability to thrive in difficulty. Sitting still is scarier than hard work. You have always stretched yourself to your limits through extracurriculars, leadership programs, or athletics. You thrive when you have a full plate and enjoy being stretched.


  • You must have an internal drive to learn. You understand that learning, experience, and wisdom are integral to success and are the most important things you can obtain right now.
  • You must be able to articulate your internal compass and explain how you make hard decisions.
  • You must love helping and serving people.
  • You must have personal integrity. Having fun is fine. Being irresponsible is not.


  • You must be likable. It’s hard to succeed in the service world if your customers don’t like you.
  • You must be a strategic, long-term thinker. The service industry is a long game. You succeed through endurance, high standards, character, and patience.
  • You understand that small business is one of the best ways to gradually build personal wealth with hard work and serving clients well, while maintaining autonomy over your life and affording you more control over your time around family and community.

If you're considering this program,
some questions to ask your mentors are: