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Like No Other

Real business

Real experience

Real leadership

Do you know someone who would be a good fit for our program? Send them our way and earn a $500 referral fee if we hire them.

A year

You Will Never Forget

In light of COVID-19, there’s a lot of uncertainty about the economy and future job prospects. For new college graduates, the unfortunate truth is that a lot of firms are not hiring, and your dream job may not materialize. But for the right individual, this season could become one of the most formative experiences of your life.

Leadership Academy is a hands-on crash course in leadership, entrepreneurship, and real-life business experience. You will be thrust into the midst of multiple “Best-in-Class” service companies at the forefront of their industries, and you will be directly mentored by the people who lead them.


Your Mentors

Each of our mentors has excelled in their professional career and today, many of them hold significant leadership positions in their respective industries. They were in your same shoes not too long ago.

some of

Our Speakers

What is

The Program?

Leadership Crash Course

Entrepreneurial Boot Camp

Real Field Experience

  • This is a highly selective, one-year, leadership development program for college graduates.
  • You will work in at least 2 (possibly 3 or more) “best-in-class” service companies that lead the market in their respective industries.
  • You will get hands-on experience executing the “blue collar” work that makes our society run. This is hard, dirty, sweaty, physically demanding work.
  • You will receive opportunities to lead and manage people.
  • You will be mentored and developed with routine and frank feedback.
  • You will participate in a rigorous reading and writing program that will ensure you internalize lessons learned.


The Nuts & Bolts

  • You will rotate through multiple companies, spending 2 to 6 months at each. You will interact directly with company executives.
  • This is hard work. To thoroughly understand your market, you will be immersed in all aspects of the service industry and will be working in hands-on manual labor as well as administrative and office work. These jobs could include landscape installation, mowing, window cleaning, industrial pressure washing, janitorial work, irrigation service, etc.
  • You will receive firsthand experience with managers, technicians, and estimators in the field interacting with customers, making sales presentations, and assessing projects.
  • You will see projects progress from leads to completion and all the behind-the-scenes operations that happen in between (operations, logistics, material sourcing, etc.).
  • You will engage in a weekly meeting with an assigned mentor.
  • You will consistently receive honest and blunt feedback on your performance and will be encouraged to provide your own assessments as well.
  • You will participate in Leadership meetings weekly.
  • Rigorous reading program (one book every two weeks)
  • Writing assignments
  • Round table discussions with your cohort
  • Guided case studies
  • Interviews with leaders in the community

Some of the topics you will learn about

Setting Strategic Vision

Financial Workflows

Budget Forecasting

Project Bidding

In-person Sales

Competitive Analysis

Supply Chain Logistics


Lean Management

Workflow Automation

Conducting Effective Meetings

The “Entrepreneurial Operating System”

Hiring and Firing

Gaining and Retaining Competitive Edges

Documenting Core Processes

Building Minimum Viable Products

Thesis testing

Zero-based Budgeting

Crisis Communication

Customer Management

Vendor Selection

Matching Right People with the Right Seats

Best Case

You spend a year around high-achieving, high integrity people and learn a lot about small business operations, while developing friendships with your leadership cohort.

You fall in love with small business.

You join one of our companies for the long run and grow into a manager (or more).

We help you start a business.

Worst Case

You spend a year around high-achieving, high integrity people and learn a lot about small business operations while developing friendships with your leadership cohort.

You learn more about yourself–what you’re good at and like doing and what you’re not good at and don’t enjoy doing.

What does it cost?

Nothing. In fact, we actually pay you $45,000 annualized during the program (and yes, you have to find your own housing).

We believe in investing in the future, even at a time when most companies in our space are freezing hiring and hunkering down.

We believe you are worth the investment and that we will find our next generation of company leaders through this program. We are willing to pay for that privilege.

Where will it be?

Austin, Texas

The Capital City of the Lone Star State. Come and enjoy our world-famous BBQ, the greatest live music in the nation, and rub shoulders with entrepreneurs from around the globe.


The Right Person?


  • You must have a proven track record in both academics (e.g. high GPA and difficult major) and leadership (e.g. athletics, student government, Greek life, military, etc.).
  • You must have proven ability to thrive in difficulty. Sitting still is scarier than hard work. You have always stretched yourself to your limits through extracurriculars, leadership programs, or athletics. You thrive when you have a full plate and enjoy being stretched.


  • You must have an internal drive to learn. You understand that learning, experience, and wisdom are integral to success and are the most important things you can obtain right now.
  • You must be able to articulate your internal compass and explain how you make hard decisions.
  • You must love helping and serving people.
  • You must have personal integrity. Having fun is fine. Being irresponsible is not.


  • You must be likeable. It’s hard to succeed in the service world if your customers don’t like you.
  • You must be a strategic, long-term thinker. The service industry is a long game. You succeed through endurance, high standards, character, and patience.
  • You understand that small business is one of the best ways to gradually build personal wealth with hard work and serving clients well, while maintaining autonomy over your life and affording you more control over your time around family and community.


We only accept the top 7 applicants each year. 

Yes. The program is very competitive.

Applications are now rolling for the 2021 cohort starting Fall 2021.

Interested in future cohorts?

  • August 31, 2020: Start of 2020 Cohort
  • August 13, 2021: Cohort officially ends with discussion of more opportunities
  • Applications are rolling for the 2021 Cohort starting Fall 2021
Do you know someone who would be a good fit for our program? Send them our way and earn a $500 referral fee if we hire them.


Family of Businesses

We are a group of family and friends that run service businesses in Central Texas. Over the years, our companies have become highly respected businesses in the community. We are long-term, strategic thinkers that strive to serve our employees, build excellent businesses, and have a good time in the process.


Professional Janitorial Services is the largest privately-owned commercial janitorial company in Texas offering the highest quality janitorial services. Ever since PJS was founded by Don Dyer in 1986, our commitment has been to deliver a level of service that exceeds our client's expectations.

Top Choice Lawn Care

Top Choice Lawn Care is a customer service business that happens to do lawn care. We are owned and operated by Austinites committed to making our city beautiful and embracing our common appreciation for the great outdoors.

Clean Scapes

Clean Scapes

Clean Scapes constructs and maintains exceptional landscapes and relationships with integrity and excellence. We strive to conduct our business with sustainable, earth-wise practices. We value our people as our most important asset, and we know their hard work is the foundation for our success. In everything we do, we hope to exceed the expectations of our clients and leave their properties more beautiful than we found them.

Exterior Cleaning Solutions

Exterior Cleaning Solutions provides window cleaning, pressure washing, and other exterior maintenance services to low and high-rise commercial buildings across Central Texas. We deliver high-quality work with clear communication. We provide jobs that offer dignity and a living wage to our employees. As the world becomes increasingly automated, our work remains focused on people. It still requires a human touch for both our employees and our customers alike to be successful. It’s why we love what we do and why we are so grateful for the opportunity to do it.

Meet our 2020 Leadership Academy Cohort